APTus 0.4.1

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.4.1 available in Sparky repository.

– integration of sparky-aptus-extra, sparky-skype-installer, teamspeak-installer into APTus
– added new modules & apps of the following categories: Audio, Video, Graphics, IM, Email, RSS, Filetransfer, Security
– added a few more apps to System module
– moved tabs to the left panel

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

or just:
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

This update is available for Sparky 5/Debian Buster and Sparky 4/Debian Stretch as well.

I don’t think this version will be keep enlarging, I rather want to move it to a new app such as AppCenter, but it is in my mind only so far.

Please test it and report whatever you find or send your suggestions out.

Sparky APTus


APTus 0.4.0

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.4.0 available in the testing repository.

This update provides integration of a few Sparky tools, such as: sparky-aptus-gamer, sparky-codecs, sparky-desktop, sparky-office, sparky-webbrowser-installer and vmplayer-installer into one tool of APTus 0.4.0.

Other changes:
– aptus scripts divided into two modules (tabs) now: Accesories and System
– added buttons of Reinstall and Remove applications, alongside of existing Install button
– added VirtualBox and AQEMU quick install, alongside to existing VMware (System module)
– due to dependency problems on Debian testing (sometimes), sparky-codecs tool has been divided into separated packages to be installed of your choice
– sparky-desktop reinstall option can reinstalls a sparky desktop meta package and reinstalls a desktop settings to the sparky default
– all integrated applications lost their menu entry, they are available via APTus only now
– due to higher requirements of VMware 14 than before, added an option to vmplayer-installer which lets you install version 12, which works fine on older 64 bit machines
– every icon in APTus provides comment (desription) of a tool to make sure what is it for (useful for beginners)

Still to do:
– add new 2 tabs to aptus: Music & Video to provide easy installation of some popular music and video players
– enlarge Web option of some popular email, bittorrent, IM, download managers clients and rss readers
– integrate some sparky-aptus-extra tools into aptus as well

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

Make sure the update is available for Sparky 5/Debian Buster, not for Sparky 4/Debian Stretch (not yet).

Please test it and report whatever you find or send your suggestions out.

Sparky APTus


Sparky Desktop 20171214

There is an update of Sparky Desktop 20171214 available in our repository.
Sparky Desktop can be used via Sparky APTus-> Install tab-> Desktop

– Removed “–yes” option of apt command when installing packages – it shows all packages to be downloaded, the amount of all of them, and needs your confirmation
– Added separate window for arm arch – it displays desktops which can be installed on RaspberryPi only to avoid misunderstanding
– Got separated all desktops to 3 different sub-windows depends of repository source: Debian, Sparky and Others

All desktops available via the tool are installed using sparky’s desktop meta packages.
Desktop packages from the “Debian” tab are installed from Debian repository.
Desktop packages from the “Sparky” tab are installed from Sparky repos and they are built by me (pavroo).
Desktop packages from “Others” tab are installed using sparky meta package, but the installation script configures 3rd party repository, installs its public key and installs packages from the 3rd party repos, which are maintained and built by the project’s developers.

Hope it’s clear now, but if you have any question, place it at our forums.

Desktop Installer


APTus 0.3.14

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.3.14 available in our repository.

1. removed “–yes” option of the apt command from installation of Debian, Liquorix amd Sparky kernels:
– it displays amount of all packages to be downloaded and needs your confirmation now
2. re-written ‘old-kernel-remover’ script (honestly written a brand new):
– uses Yad now instead of Zenity
– shows all jobs in a terminal emulator window
– lets you autoremove after
– removes an old initrd.img of a just removed kernel
– displays info window when finshed

Heavy tested already, but let me know if you find something wrong, please.



APTus 0.2.2

There is an update of Sparky APTus Upgrade tool 0.2.2 in Sparky unstable repository.

I have implemented two changes:

1. The changelog option shows upgradable packages, including information about the version from and to be upgraded to.

APTus Upgrade

2. It shows progress of the upgrading on the bottom of a terminal window now, during the upgrade process.

APTus Upgrade

I put APTus 0.2.2 to the Sparky “unstable” repository to let you test it and make sure that everything works fine, before moving the package to Sparky “testing” repos, so… please test it.

APTus Upgrade 0.1.23


There is some changes in the Sparky’s default upgrade tool Sparky APTus Upgrade (aka System Upgrade) 0.1.23, such as:

– added ‘–no-install-recommends’ option (it is not the default) to avoid installation extra packages which are not dependencies to the existing ones, but they are recommended and are installed as default. Using the new option, upgrade process will not install the recommended packages. Make sure that the first option called “Upgrade” make full system upgrade as it was making before.

– the changelog is displaying in a Yad window now, instead of a text editor. It also cut of some lines, keeping only the most important.

All the scripts have been reconfigured, so please install and test it.

The ‘sparky-aptus-upgrade’ 0.1.23 package is available from Sparky’s ‘unstable’ repository.


APTus 0.3.0


There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.3.0 available in our repository now.

The new version provides:

1. A new tab called “Desktop” which lets you install 18 desktops with as small number of additional tools as possible, and with Sparky “look & feel”. It is the same list of desktops as provided by Sparky Advanced Installer shipped on MinimalISO images. All the desktops are installing with pre-configured settings, users privileges, wallpaper, icon set, etc.

Make sure that:
– it will remove existing desktop settings and replace them with the Sparky’s ones, if installing a desktop you already have installed before.
– it will remove some small settings your installed different desktops than you will install via the APTus, such as: wallpaper, icon set, theme, file manager bookmarks, etc.
– Enlightenment installation removes Network Manager and replaces it with EConnMan.

2. Small changes and fixes found in older version.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

Remember to update the package list before installing any desktop or application.


There is a screenshot page of all the desktop available to install via Sparky Advanced Installer and/or APTus: 4-3-minimaliso-screenshots

If you find any problem or have suggestions, simply post them at our forums, please.

Sparky translators – please translate new tool, the English file is on our Wiki as normal.


Sparky APTus 0.2.10-1


There is a new version of Sparky APTus 0.2.10-1 available in our repos.

– added ‘Remove VirtualBox Guest Utils’ option – Sparky 4.0 will be shipped with VBox Guest Utils package preinstaled, so this new script lets you quick uninstall the VBox Guest Utils package. Do not uninstall it if Sparky will be installed inside the VirtualBox
– added ‘Install Liquorix Kernel’ – lets you install the latest Linux Kernel from the Liquorix repository
– added ‘Install Office Suite’ – lets you quick install one of the office packages:
* AbiWord & Gnumeric
* Calligra
* LibreOffice
* OpenOffice
* Kingsoft WPS Office + WPS fonts

Report on our forums any abnormal work of the new scripts.


Sparky APTus on Debian and Ubuntu

If you’d like to install Sparky APTus on Debian, Ubuntu or their spins, simply do:
1. Open a text console and add Sparky repository:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky.list
2. Add the text to the file:
deb main
3. Get Sparky public key:
wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
4. Refresh package list:
sudo apt-get update
5. Install it:
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus
6. Check is everything ok:
sudo apt-get install -f
That’s all, close the text console and run Sparky APTus from Menu-> System.