It took really long, but finelly I made my mind about the future of Sparky.
Don’t think it showed up suddenly, yesterday or so, not really.

To make this decision, I spoke with our community members via community sites, forums, made a few polls, and individual talks as well. I made many, many tests, chacking different configurations and settings many times too. So nothing happend just like that, couse I woke up today morning having a new idea. Not really…

The fact is, I spend much time building and testing Sparky iso images, but the number of iso is too big and doesn’t let me focus on all of them as I want.
At the other hand, the work around Sparky takes much, and much time every next week and every next month. Much time I also spend building/rebuilding new versions of offered via repository packages and creating new ones or implementing new features.

The idea of creating Sparky was quite simple: it has to be lightweight, fast, powerfull and fully customizable. It means no heavy desktops, no fireworks, no useless things.

To do so, I have to cut the iso number down and focus on a one, main point of Sparky view/core. The point was and still is Openbox.

So, to conclude and make it clean and straight:
1. From now, only one main, Openbox based desktop: LXQt (rolling) or LXDE (stable)
2. MinimalGUI (Openbox)/MinimalCLI (text based) lets you install your favorite desktop with a small set of apps, as before.
3. Special Editions with no changes (so far) with Openbox, as before.

It lets me to find a little much time to make and focus on new Sparky releases better than before.