Sparky XTerm 0.2.0

Last Updated on: 28th March 2022, 04:28 pm

There is an update of Sparky XTerm 0.2.0 available in our repository.

Sparky XTerm is a tool which choose a x-terminal-emulator for sparky tools. It was choosing a desktop related emulator before, but due to some problems I changed to xterm only, which works fine but… need something much spicy.

I reconfigured sparky-xterm to use tilda with my config (or xterm as backup), with transparency enabled as default. Most desktops support that, a few (lxde, lxqt) and all window managers don’t, so compton can be used for example (via Sparky Compton manager for example) to do so.

The result is as above, no borders, no title, no button on the panel…

Sparky XTerm with transparenced Tilda

Installation/upgrade as follow:
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install sparky-xterm

It doesn’t make any change so far, still uses xterm as default!

If 1
If you would like to test or use new config, simply install ’tilda’ package.
sudo apt install tilda
If 2
If your desktop environment or window manager doesn’t support transparency as default, turn it on via the desktop related configuration tool or install ‘sparky-compton’ package and turn the compton on.
If 3
If you don’t like using sparky tools with tilda, simply uninstall tilda package, so all sparky tools will be using xterm back as before.

35 tools have been reconfigured to use new configuration, so let me know if you find any problem, please.

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