There is a new application available for Sparkers: Pinta What is Pinta? Pinta is a free, open source program for drawing and image editing. Its goal is to provide users with a simple yet powerful way to draw and manipulate images on Linux, Mac, Windows, and *BSD. Pinta is a Gtk# clone of Paint.Net 3.0 … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Enve What is Enve? Flexible, user expandable 2D animation software for Linux and Windows. You can use enve to create vector animations, raster animations, and even use sound and video files. Enve was created with flexibility and expandability in mind. Installation (Sparky 5 & 6 amd64): sudo … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Filmulator What is Filmulator? Filmulator is a raw photo editing application with library management focusing on: simplicity over flexibility, ease of learning and streamlined workflow. Filmulator accepts raw files from cameras and simulates the development of film as if exposed to the same light as the camera’s … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: LazPaint What is LazPaint? Free cross-platform image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.Net, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). Uses BGRABitmap library. Can read layered files (lzp, ora, pdn, oXo), multi-images (gif, ico, tiff), flat files (bmp, jpeg, pcx, png, tga, xpm, xwd), vectorial (svg), 3D (obj). Has drawing … Read more

Gscreenshot 2.x


Gscreenshot is a small and nice, Python based tool which lets you make a desktop screenshot. The tool has been originally created by Matej Horvath and discontinued in 2006. I debianized the tool last year, providing version 1.3.1 to a few Sparky spins. Nate Levesque brought the Gscreenshot back to life, upgrading it and releasing … Read more