There is a new application available for Sparkers: LazPaint

What is LazPaint?

Free cross-platform image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.Net, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). Uses BGRABitmap library. Can read layered files (lzp, ora, pdn, oXo), multi-images (gif, ico, tiff), flat files (bmp, jpeg, pcx, png, tga, xpm, xwd), vectorial (svg), 3D (obj). Has drawing tools, phong shading, curve adjustments, filters and render some textures.
LazPaint was started to demonstrate the capabilities of the graphic library BGRABitmap. It provides advanced drawing functions in Lazarus development environment. Both provided a source of inspiration for the other and finally LazPaint became real image editor. Thanks to the help of Lazarus community, the program has been compiled on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Installation (Sparky stable & testing amd64 & i386):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lazpaint

or via APTus-> Graphics-> LazPaint icon.


Copyright (C) circular
License: GNU GPL v3


Gscreenshot 2.x


Gscreenshot is a small and nice, Python based tool which lets you make a desktop screenshot.
The tool has been originally created by Matej Horvath and discontinued in 2006.
I debianized the tool last year, providing version 1.3.1 to a few Sparky spins.

Nate Levesque brought the Gscreenshot back to life, upgrading it and releasing new versions of 2.x line.

Last weekend, after a few improvements by Nate, I debianized the package and the version 2.3.x is available in Sparky repository now.

GitHub repos of Gscreenshot runs by Nate: