SparkyLinux 4.4 Special Editions

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 06:44 pm

There is an update of iso images of SparkyLinux 4.4 special editions available now: GameOver, Rescue and Multimedia. This release is based on SparkyLinux 4.4 and is fully compatible with Debian testing “Stretch”.

“GameOver” Edition features LXDE desktop, a very large number of preinstalled games and useful tools. It’s targeted to gamers.

SparkyLinux “Rescue” Edition is an operating system which works in live DVD/USB mode only. The Live system contains a large set of tools for scanning and fixing files, partitions and operating systems installed on hard drives.

SparkyLinux “Multimedia” Edition features a large set of tools for creating and editing graphics, audio, video and HTML pages.

Changes between version 4.3 and 4.4:
– full system upgrade as of August 29, 2016
– Linux kernel 4.6.4
– Linux kernel 4.7.x is available in the repositories of your choice: Debian “unstable”, Liquorix or Sparky “unstable”
– new theme called ‘Numix-SX’
– added a short key which runs a terminal emulator in the Rescue edition (Super+t)
– Midori web browser replaced by NetSurf in the Rescue edition
– the ‘sparky-firstrun’ which lets you fully upgrade the system and install missing language packages has been fixed
– added new tools to the Multimedia edition: krita, karbon and kdenlive

ISO images of SparkyLinux can be downloaded from the download page:

Known issues:
– installation of the Steam client could need manual intervention, if any problem go to our forums.

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