Thunderbird – the email client is available for sparkers now.

Sparky is shipped with the Icedove email client as default – Debian’s rebranded Thunderbird.

If you do not like/want/etc. Icedove – the Thunderbird can be installed from our repository.

Check do you have installed ‘hunspell-en-us’ package, before installing Thunderbird:
sudo apt-get update
apt-cache policy hunspell-en-us
Installed: 20070829-6
Candidate: 20070829-6-sparky

If yes, upgrade it to the Sparky’s version:
sudo apt-get install hunspell-en-us
Than install Thunderbird:
sudo apt-get install thunderbird

If you were using the Icedove client before, and would like to migrate to Thunderbird, do:

Make backup of your Icedove settings, just in case – in your home directory:
tar czf icedove.tar.gz .icedove

1. Shared option: it lets you share your Icedove settings, mails and passwords with Thunderbird – run the command in your home directory:
ln -s .icedove .thunderbird

2. Permanent movement: if you’d like to switch to Thunderbird and remove Icedove after – run it in your home dir:
mv .icedove .thunderbird


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