Sparky 5.7~dev20190203

There are development live/install media of Sparky 5.7 20190203 of the rolling line available for testing.

The new iso images features improved Advanced Installed which provides a bug fixing around wrong detecting partitions.

If a number of partitions you have is bigger than 9, and if you choose the first partition as the first choice (swap partition on Bios machines; UEFI partition on machines with UEFI motherboard), sda1 for expample, the installer cut out from a next window all of existing partition with the number starting you already choosen (sda1 – sda10, sda11, sda12, etc.).

So they are not visible in Installer window and can not be used for installing Sparky.

‘sparky-backup-core’ 20190203 features a fix for that issue so your existing iso image can be used anyway, if you update the package in the live system.

The second change is about the Linux kernel – the present iso images are shipped with Debian Linux kernel back as default.

Please test the new images and report whatever you find.

The issue has been found by guy under ‘The Operating System World’ nick name – thank’s a lot!

New development iso images can be found at download/development page.

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