Updates 2015/07/18


There a few updates in packages available in our repos so read it, please.

1. Sparky Conky manager has been updated up to version 0.1.10.
There are no changes about its functions, but it has been reconfigured to use and launch conky’s sparky’s config file withot touching the original conky’s config.

After installing/upgrading ‘sparky-conky’ up to v.0.1.10, the original conky’s config file will be restored and will be loaded instead of sparky’s config.
Don’t worry about that, after system rebooting, the default sparky’s conky config will be used.

There is not need to do anything with that, excluding JWM spin.
Simply edit the JWM config file via a text editor:
and replace the line from:
<StartupCommand>conky --config=/opt/conky/conky-sparky.conf</StartupCommand>

2. SpiderOak users can’t upgrade the tool in “normal” way.
The old version of SpiderOak is 5.2.0 and it’s the last one.
The new one is provided by SpiderOakONE 6.0 package so uninstall the previous package called ‘spideroak’ and install the last one ‘spideroakone’.

3. Sparky APTus Extra has been upgraded to version 0.1.18 which includes the SpiderOakONE now.

4. Sparky Center LXDE has been upgraded to version 0.2.8-1. There are two changes:
– deprecated ‘sparky-booset’ tool has been removed
– flash player config is still available if the flash-player is installed. Deprecated flash-plugin will be removed in the next Sparky release.


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