Sparky 2022.03

sparky 7 xfce

Sparky 2022.03 of the (semi-)rolling line is out, which is based on Debian testing “Bookworm”. The new iso images provide: – all packages upgraded as of March 6, 2022 – Linux kernel 5.16.11 (5.16.12 & 5.17-rc7 in sparky unstable repos) – Calamares 3.2.53 – Firefox 96.0.3 (firefox-sparky 98.0 & firefox-esr-sparky 91.7.0esr (Mozilla builds) available in … Read more

Sparky 2021.10

sparky 7 xfce

Sparky 2021.10 of the (semi-)rolling line is out; it is based on Debian testing “Bookworm”. This iso update provides: – all packages upgraded as of October 12, 2021 – Linux kernel 5.14.9 – Calamares – i386 libs removed from amd64 iso images – small improvements No reinstallation is required if you installed Sparky 2021.09, … Read more

Sparky 2021.09

sparky 7 xfce

Sparky 2021.09 of the (semi-)rolling line is out; it is based on Debian testing “Bookworm”. Changes: – repositories set to Debian “Bookworm” and Sparky “Orion Belt” – all packages updated as of September 17, 2021 – new backgrounds: desktop, login manager, plymouth & boot screen, etc. – Linux kernel 5.10.46 (5.14.6 & 5.15-rc1 in Sparky … Read more

New testing line of Sparky 7

A new testing/rolling line of Sparky 7 (next stable) is ready to upgrade. The next Sparky 7 code name is “Orion Belt” From Wikipedia: Orion’s Belt or the Belt of Orion, also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters, is an asterism in the constellation Orion. It consists of the three bright stars Alnitak, … Read more