Sparky 2022.04 Special Editions

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 12:13 pm

There are new iso images of Sparky 2022.04 Special Editions: GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue ready to go.

Sparky “GameOver” Edition features a lightweight desktop, a very large number of preinstalled games, useful tools and scripts. Built for gamers.

Sparky “Multimedia” Edition uses a lightweight desktop environment and features a large set of tools for creating and editing graphics, audio, video and HTML pages.

Sparky “Rescue” Edition is an operating system which works in a live DVD/USB mode only (no installation on a hard drive). The Live system contains a large set of tools for scanning and fixing files, partitions and operating systems installed on hard drives.

All packages upgraded from Debian and Sparky testing repos as of April 21, 2022.
Firefox has been replaced by Firefox Mozilla Build (‘firefox-sparky’ package)
Linux kernel updated up to 5.16.18; 5.17.4 & 5.18-rc3 available in Sparky unstable repos.
The Calamares installer updated up to 3.2.55.

No reinstallation is required if you have Sparky rolling installed, simply keep it up to date.

New iso images of Sparky semi-rolling can be downloaded from the download/rolling page

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