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SparkyLinux 3.2 GameOver is out

  SparkyLinux 3.2 “GameOver” is out. It has been built on the top of SparkyLinux 3.2 “Annagerman” and it’s fully compatible with Debian “testing” Jessie. SparkyLinux “GameOver” is a special edition of our distro...


GameOver 3.0 screenshots

  GameOver 3 desktop GameOver 3 tools GameOver 3 menu Amphetamine Balder Berusky BillardGL Biniax BlockOut II Brain Party Brutal Chess Frozen Bubble GNUbik Lincity Scorched   Back to -> Screenshots main page  


SparkyLinux 3.0 GameOver is out

  SparkyLinux 3.0 “GameOver” is ready for download. “GameOver” 3.0 is built on SparkyLinux 3.0 “Annagerman” and compatible with the “testing” branch of Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie”. Sparky 3.0 “GameOver” features: – Linux kernel 3.9.8-1...


SparkyLinux 2.1 “GameOver” is out

  Brand new, two egged SparkyLinux 2.1 ‘GameOver’ is out. It’s the second, special edition of SparkyLinux ‘GameOver” released for Easter 2013. It has been directly built on SparkyLinux 2.1 ‘Eris’ and Debian testing...


SparkyLinux 2.x installation guide

  New year, new job list to do 🙂 I have updated hard/usb drive installation guide so it’s compatible with SparkyLinux 2.x “Eris” and “GameOver”. hard-drive-install Have fun pavroo