Sparky 2022.07 Special Editions

There are new iso images of Sparky 2022.07 Special Editions: GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue ready to go.

Changes between Sparky Special Editions 2022.04 and 2022.07:
– all packages updated from testing repos as of July 16, 2022
– Linux kernel 5.18.5 (5.18.12 & 5.15.55-LTS in sparky unstable repos)
– All: added Onboard, Nala, zstd; removed: Florence
– Rescue: added Timeshift
– Multimedia: added Hypnotix
– ‘sparky-upgrade’ cli tool uses ‘nala’ instead of ‘apt’ now, if nala is installed
– GRUB 2.06 doesn’t detect other operating systems as default; so added an option to GRUB config: ‘GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false’ do make os-prober working back

No reinstallation is required if you have Sparky rolling installed, simply keep it up to date.

New iso images of Sparky semi-rolling can be downloaded from the download/rolling page

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