Sparky Conky Manager 0.2.0

sparky conky manager 0.2.0

The Sparky Conky Manager updated up to version 0.2.0. What is Sparky Conky Manager? Sparky Conky Manager is a small, Yad based tool which lets you launch or stop Conky and edit its configuration file. This version features 4 more Conky configs, alongside to the Sparky’s default one, to be launched via the GUI tool. … Read more

Sparky Conky Manager 0.1.6

Sparky Conky Manger 0.1.6 is out. It provides a few small bugs fixing and a new feature: Color changer. It lets you change the default Conky color via just two clicks. Colors available: black, blue, gray, green, red, white, yellow. To get the new conky look you have to update it up to 0.1.6 and … Read more