SparkyLinux 4.5-dev20161106

Last Updated on: 20th September 2023, 12:28 pm

There is a development iso image of Sparky 4.5-dev20161106 MinimalGUI ready for testing.

The new dev iso image features:
• Linux kernel 4.7 + the latest updates from Debian ‘testing’ repos
• the Calamares installer 2.4.4 with added support of installation on 32 and 64 bit UEFI machines.
• Sparky Advanced Installer which provides support for two more desktops to be installed straight from the live media: CDE (Common Desktop Environment) and DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment)

We (MoroS and me) been working yesterday to make the installer working with UEFI both 32 and 64bit machines, so it can be tested via the latest development iso images already.

MoroS sent his bootloader patch to the Calamares devs, so we have a small part of our help to the Calamares project now 🙂

The development iso images for i686 and x86_64 machines are placed on the download/development page.
Please test it and report whatever you find.

Known issues:
1. The iso features Linux kernel 4.7, so the VirtualBox needs to have I/O APIC option enabled.
The live systems starts the X server in failsafe mode inside VirtualBox (UEFI mode); BIOS mode – starts, but with problems. To test the iso image in BIOS mode use VMware Workstation, for example, or run it on a “normal” machine.
2. Installing Sparky via the Sparky Advanced Installer with Pantheon desktop – the ‘wingpanel’ doesn’t start due to newer version of GNOME libs.

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