SparkyLinux 2.0 beta2

Last Updated on: 21st January 2023, 04:53 pm

SparkyLinux 2.0 “Eris” beta2 e17/LXDE jest ready to use.
The system has been build on Debian testing “Wheezy” packages.

What’s new in beta2 ?
– a few problems have been fixed, including ‘fstab’ file missing in Live
– default launchbar has been changed – Wbar has been replaced with customized LXDE panel (LXDE desktop only)
– Wbar is still available at menu, but it does not starting automatically
– removed packages: xsane, gnome-nettool, nmap, zenmap, shotwell
– new added packages: simple-scan, gnome-screenshot
– problem with locales (64bit only) fixed

Live system starts with LXDE desktop as default.

To change LXDE for Enlightenment log out and log in back:
user: live
password: live
Root password is blank.
Enlightenment desktop (64bit) is available after hard drive installation.

If you can’t type your wifi password (dialog window will not show up; 64bit only), stop connect attepting, go to:
Edit connections-> Wireless-> Edit-> Wireless security-> Password-> type your wifi password-> Save and click on your network name’s icon again.

All packages have been upgraded up to Debian testing repositories 18th Sep 2012.

Suggestions and bugs can be reported at our forum:
or at Sourceforge ticket’s system (in English):

ISO images can be downloaded from our download page.

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