Sparky repos changed

Last Updated on: 28th December 2018, 12:53 am

There is a change in the Sparky repository as of 27 December 2018.

What changed?
– Sparky stable line stopped using mixed Sparky stable and testing repos, couse it would be difficult keep in this stage for upcoming new ‘stable’ and ‘oldstable’ repos (next year)
– most packages are available via a new ‘core’ repos now, but ‘stable’ and ‘testing’ repos provides some packages targeted to the specific branch.

Sparky stable line uses repos as follows: core main stable main

+ source repos as well

Sparky testing line uses repos as follows: core main testing main unstable main

+ source repos as well

Pinning has been changed too.

There is no need to reconfigure Sparky repos manually, simply run:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-apt
sudo apt update

then make system upgrade as you always do.

Existing iso images of Sparky MinimalGUI/CLI still can be used to install a desktop of your choice, the new sparky-apt package will be installed during desktop’s installation process.

There are still many the same package (versions) in the ‘testing’ and ‘core’ repos, but they will be removed from ‘testing’ to clean it up. Let me know if you find any problem, please.

After that, iso images will be refreshed to provide the latest setting to you.

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