Our community member The Black Pig has created Sparky spin-off with Xfce desktop.
The system is based on Debian stable “Wheezy” and features Xfce DE and a few basic applications. It’s perfect if you want to build your desktop yourself. If you are interesting with that, join to the forum’s discussion.
There is a download link too.

I have released a new Sparky spin-off with Trinity desktop, which is based on Debian “Wheezy” too.
It was a kind of experiment and I don’t know I’ll be continuing that.

Sparky 3.x has been updated and new iso images of Sparky 3.2 LXDE, Ultra and Razor-Qt have been released. Other Sparky 3.2 versions will be published soon.

MiroZarta created DVD labels for Sparky 3.2.
They can be downloaded from his copy.com account:

The application ‘sparky-aptus’ got a new option ‘Fix Broken’ to fix not/wrong installed/upgraded packages.

And we have new app called ‘sparky-tray’, which gives quick access to package management: Sparky APTus, Synaptic, repository list editor and root terminal emulator.