Crow Translate

crow translate

There is a new application available for Sparkers: Crow Translate What is Crow Translate? Crow Translate is a simple and lightweight translator written in C++ / Qt that allows you to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex, Bing, LibreTranslate and Lingva translate API. Features: – Translate and speak text from screen or selection – … Read more

Having trouble with Sparky? Go to our forums!

Dear Sparkers For a while someone has been trying hard to discredit SparkyLinux on Distrowatch, writing (user’s review) that there is a problem with the EFI and so, making Sparky useless in his opinion. I understand that not everyone likes SparkyLinux and it doesn’t work well on every machine, but if you are using SparkyLinux … Read more

Mullvad VPN


There is a new application available for Sparkers: Mullvad VPN What is Mullvad VPN? Mullvad is a VPN service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private. Mullvad VPN is the built-in kill switch which automatically stop all network traffic. The application is available for Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and as … Read more


sparky6 sugar

A new desktop has been implemented to APTus AppCenter: Sugar What is Sugar Sugar is an activity-focused, free/libre open-source software learning platform for children. Collaboration, reflection, and discovery are integrated directly into the user interface. Through Sugar’s clarity of design, children and teachers have the opportunity to use computers on their own terms. Students can … Read more

10 years of SparkyLinux!

sparky 10 years

Exactly 10 years ago, in October 2011, we started a work with a new Linux distribution, and on November 4, 2011 the first beta of our system released. A bit of history: Initially, our project began to live under the name ue17r as Ubuntu Enlightenment17 Remix and was a modification of Xubuntu Linux, from which … Read more