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There is a new tool available for Sparkers: FreeOffice What is FreeOffice? SoftMaker FreeOffice is a complete office suite. SoftMaker FreeOffice is powerful and fast, and reads and writes Microsoft Office documents flawlessly. It...


ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

There is a new application available for Sparkers: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. What is ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors? ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is a free office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors allowing to create,...


Updates 2015-06-12

  There are a few updates available in our repository: – EPSXE 1.9.25 – enhanced PSX emulator of PlayStation video game console, it’s targeted to 32 bit systems only – Sparky About 0.1.3 –...