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Sparky 4.3-dev3 MinimalISO

  This is the 3th and probably the last development version of SparkyLinux 4.3-dev3 MinimalISO. Changes between Sparky 4.3-dev2 and dev3: 1. Improved the Sparky Advanced Installer: – added 4 more desktops: bspwm, i3,...


Sparky 4.3-dev2 MinimalISO

  There is the second development version of SparkyLinux 4.3-dev2 MinimalISO available for testing. Sparky 4.3-dev2 MinimalISO lets you install the base system with one of the 15 desktops of your choice, with as...


Another 3 desktops

  Another week gone and next 3 desktops are ready to install using the Sparky Advanced Installer from the MinimaISO images: – GNOME Flashback – IceWM – KDE The ‘Sparky Advanced Installer’ lets you...


3 more desktops

  Keep working with the minimal installation tool, I have added 3 more desktops to the 6 existing ones: – Fluxbox – MATE – Xfce So the ‘Sparky Advanced Installer’ lets you install 9...