SparkyLinux 3.6-dev3 LXQt

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 09:11 pm

A new testing version of SparkyLinux 3.6-dev3 LXQt is out.

New iso image provides some bugs fixing and new features which make deep changes in the system. Most of them will be implemented to the next Sparky live/install images.
Please, test the live system, the installation process and the system installed on a hard drive as well.

Sparky 3.6-dev3 LXQt main keys:
– packages updated from Debian testing repository as of 2015/03/01
– LXQt 0.9
– two windows managers: Openbox (default) and Kwin
– fully system’s rebranding
– improved windows look of sparky and other applications which work with root privileges
– fixed issues with x-terminal-emulator used in sparky apps, on some desktops
– updated live-installer

If you find any problem – report it on SparkyLinux forums
If you’d like to rebrand your current Sparky installation – read the quick guide.
Testing iso images can be downloaded from the download/development page

2 thoughts on “SparkyLinux 3.6-dev3 LXQt”

  1. i’ve installed and updated rev2 version:
    can i add the new outlook and the new features without installing the distro another time?


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