New development iso images of Sparky 4.6-dev20170307 MinimalGUI are ready for testing.

– all packages updated from Debian (frozen, but still testing) Stretch repositories as of March 07, 2017;
– Calamares 3.1;
– fixed installation on UEFI machines issue; it installs the efi-grub debs offline (no internet connection needed), in the same way as the Advanced and the present Live Installers do;
– fixed small lightdm related issue, which did not list a target user in the login window;
– cleanup, removed some unnecessary packages, so the iso images are a little smaller then before.

Note: installation on an ecrypted device/partition is not configured properly yet.

The development iso images can be downloaded from the download/development page.

Test it and report on ours forums whatever you find, please.