Sparky 2022.03

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 12:20 pm

Sparky 2022.03 of the (semi-)rolling line is out, which is based on Debian testing “Bookworm”.

The new iso images provide:
– all packages upgraded as of March 6, 2022
– Linux kernel 5.16.11 (5.16.12 & 5.17-rc7 in sparky unstable repos)
– Calamares 3.2.53
– Firefox 96.0.3 (firefox-sparky 98.0 & firefox-esr-sparky 91.7.0esr (Mozilla builds) available in Sparky repos)
– Thunderbird 91.6.1
– LibreOffice 7.3.1 RC1
– added a dock-like vala-panel with custom config which provides favorite apps launcher on the left side of your desktop (via ‘sparky-launcher’ package)
– small improvements

Sparky changed a way of signig its repos, the latest update of ‘sparky-apt’ and ‘sparky-apt-unstable’ packages fixes it; Sparky Wiki page let you do that manually.

No reinstallation is required if you have Sparky rolling installed, simply keep it up to date.

Known issues:
– the live system’s DNS is configured wrong on virtual machines so there is no internet, even the network manager applet says it works; to fix that, there is a small script which removes resolv.conf configured by ‘systemd-resolved’ and automatically reloads the resolv.conf with propper DNS via NetworkManager; the script called ‘sparky-firstrun-fix’ works in the live system only and the live installer removes it during post-install phase

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