Sparky 2020.09

Last Updated on: 2nd September 2020, 12:22 pm

The September snapshot of Sparky 2020.09 of the (semi-)rolling line is out. It is based on the Debian testing “Bullseye”.

This release provides package updates and fixed an issue of the Sparky Advanced Installer, which generated broken fstab. There is no problem if you have installed Sparky 2020.08 using Calamares (called Sparky Installer).

• packages updated from Debian testing repos as of August 31, 2020
• Linux kernel 5.7.17 (5.8.5 & 5.9-rc3 in Sparky unstable repos)
• Firefox 80
• LibreOffice 7.0.1-rc1
• fixed the Advanced Installer issue; thanks to lami07

System re-installation is not required, simply keep Sparky up to date.

The Special Edition iso images have been already updated too.

New rolling iso images can be downloaded from the download/rolling page.


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