Sparky 2020.05~dev

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 01:41 pm

Call for testers.

It is a development release of Sparky which is based on Debian testing “Bullseye”.

The Sparky Advanced Installer received (experimental) improvements by darekem73, such as:
• autopartitioning
• partition encrypting
• logical volume support
The Yad based GUI is disabled, so text mode only.

Other changes:
• sparky tools uses ‘spterm’ (Sparky Terminal) now
• ‘debi-tool’ replaced by ‘gdebi’ back
• ‘otter-browser’ replaced by ‘epiphany-browser’ (thanks to lami07)
• added Openbox Noir to the desktop list

The standard Advanced Installer can be launched from menu-> System-> Sparky (Advanced) Installer or via the command:

sudo sparky-installer

The experimental version of Advanced Installer is reachable (text mode only) from menu-> System-> Sparky (Advanced) Installer DEV, or via the command:

sudo sparky-installer-dev

Please test the new, experimental features installing Sparky on encrypted and/or logical partitions and try the autopartitioning as well. If you find any issue or have suggestions – post them at our forums, please.

New, development iso images can be downloaded from download/development page.

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