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Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 12:20 pm

Dear Sparkers

For a while someone has been trying hard to discredit SparkyLinux on Distrowatch, writing (user’s review) that there is a problem with the EFI and so, making Sparky useless in his opinion. I understand that not everyone likes SparkyLinux and it doesn’t work well on every machine, but if you are using SparkyLinux and have a problem, post it on SparkyLinux Forum – I’ll be happy to help you as much as I can.

I have been creating SparkyLinux for you for over 10 years. I practically do everything myself. I don’t have an army of people/employees to help out and I don’t get a lot of monthly financial support for SparyLinux development, as you can see with other distributions. I also don’t have EFI machine to test Sparky and fix such problems.

If you can, please help developing SparkyLinux and bugs fixing. By writing unflattering reviews about SparkyLinux on an another portal, you will definitely not contribute to solution of your problem.

Paweł “pavroo”

Thank you all for your positive comments and feedback, and for motivation to continue working 🙂

9 thoughts on “Having trouble with Sparky? Go to our forums!”

  1. Only just installed Sparky yesterday. So far it seems to be quite exciting. There is a surprising amount of very easy to use stuff. But, to me, it seems packed with extras. I really like the feel.
    I think I may well start building a nice nest in Sparky. I’ll let you know in about a week or so… I’m reluctant to commit before I hammer the keys, flash the monitor, blast the sound-board all over Sparky. 🙂

  2. Hi. I have been using Sparky for many years now and to be truthful have never found a problem with it.
    I have Cinnamon desktop with a mixture of different font, colours, effects and transistions. It is very fast and regularly updates with no problem what’s not to like…..

    I have over the years tried many Ubuntu/Debian distro’s but this is by far the best..

    Many thanks.


  3. Sparky me ha funcionado muy bien, abre los programas en frio casi tan rapido como en caliente y facilita el trabajo enormemente. Es la distro que uso todos los dias y no he encontrado otra mejor. Gracias por su magnifico trabajo.

  4. I Have installed Sparky Linux bookwarm on four machines
    1) A Dell All in One
    2) A Macbook mid 2015
    3) A Tuxedo Aura
    4) A Dell Desktop pc
    So far I did not have any problem. It is very fast with the most recent software
    Keep up the good job

  5. Hello sparky dev !
    I’ve sparky on 2 laptops with out problems.It’s a very good distro.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Sparky’s awesome. Usually when someone makes something like an install problem so personal (posting obviously repetitive reviews griping about it) there’s something more going on with that person (psychologically). It’s just bad luck that they found Sparky to be their punching bag.

    That being said, I’m new to Sparky and recently installed it on 4 machines. I too had a strange problem (a couple times) with the installer and maybe uefi (something about the way it setup the esp partition, or didn’t set it up.). I wasn’t sure what happened, and wasn’t able to recreate it. I didn’t give it much thought because 1) it’s not uncommon for me to stumble onto oddities like that. 2) I’ve experienced similar with another distro using Calamares and have assumed it’s something about Calamares (IMO Ubiquity works better. I never have the problems I do with Calamares, which usually are in the uefi/esp/partitioning realm.). 3) I wasn’t able to recreate the problem. Twice, rebooting fixed it. (That’s the problem I’ve seen with Calamares before. It’s like it has race problems, or something. The logs shed no light.).

    I’m getting a new machine in the next 3-4 weeks and will start a forum thread if I experience the problem again. But, IMO Calamares doesn’t deserve this much attention. Use a different installer (until Calamares provides more debugging info in its logs. The last time I used Calamares it didn’t seem ready for widespread use. It didn’t help users provide meaningful troubleshooting info.).

  7. Thanks for being the one man army. We do appreciate you and all of your passionate work. Thanks again for doing all of us a free service.

  8. I am using Sparkylinux on an old laptop for months and never had any problems with UEFI , your distro is GREAT Pavroo!!After using different linux OS I decided that Sparkylinux was the best without any doubt. Keep going with your excellent job!!

  9. pavroo, don’t worry about a retarded piece of shit, who writes falsehoods and gross lies.

    I personally have installed SparkyLinux (rolling), on UEFI systems and have had NO problems EVER. 🙂

    You can be really proud of your excellent work and support with SparkyLinux. Keep up the good work …. 😉



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