WhatsApp for Linux

There is a new application available for Sparkers: WhatsApp for Linux

What is WhatsApp for Linux?

WhatsApp for Linux is an unofficial WhatsApp desktop application written in C++ with the help of gtkmm and WebKitGtk libraries

– Features come with WhatsApp Web
– WhatsApp specific keyboard shortcuts work with Alt key instead of Cmd
– Zoom in/out
– System tray icon
– Notification sounds
– Autostart with system
– Fullscreen mode
– Show/Hide headerbar by pressing Alt+H
– Localization support in system language
– Spell checking in system language. You need to install the corresponding dictionary to get this working i.e. hunspell-en_us package for US English
– Open chat by phone number

Installation (Sparky 7 & 8 amd64 only):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install whatsapp-for-linux

License: GNU GPL 3
Web: github.com/eneshecan/whatsapp-for-linux


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