WhatsApp for Linux

whatsapp for linux

There is a new application available for Sparkers: WhatsApp for Linux What is WhatsApp for Linux? WhatsApp for Linux is an unofficial WhatsApp desktop application written in C++ with the help of gtkmm and WebKitGtk libraries Features – Features come with WhatsApp Web – WhatsApp specific keyboard shortcuts work with Alt key instead of Cmd … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Tokodon What is Tokodon? Tokodon is a Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile Installation (Sparky 7 amd64/i386): sudo apt update sudo apt install tokodon License: GNU GPL v3 Web: invent.kde.org/network/tokodon  

DNS problem on Sparky 7 still exist?

The latest iso images of Sparky rolling 2022.03 have an issue with a DNS configuration via ‘systemd-resolved’. The live system features a small script which fixes it via ‘sparky-firstrun-fix’ package which is removed during post-install. But… If you find the same problem after installing Sparky on a hard/virtual drive, and can’t install the ‘sparky-firstrun-fix’ package, … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: Mailspring What is Mailspring? Mailspring is a new version of Nylas Mail maintained by one of the original authors. It’s faster, leaner, and shipping today! It replaces the JavaScript sync code in Nylas Mail with a new C++ sync engine based on Mailcore2. It uses roughly half … Read more



There is a new application available for Sparkers: FrostWire What is FrostWire? An easy to use Cloud Downloader, BitTorrent Client and Media Player. Search, Download, Play, Share. Features: – In-App Search – Preview & Play while you download – Download only files you want – Media Player & Library – BitTorrent client Installation (Sparky 6 … Read more