Translating status

Last Updated on: 29th March 2022, 10:11 pm

This is last week before new iso images of Sparky 4.2 will be generated, so I debianized all the sparky tools which have other then English and Polish localization files done.
All the debs have been uploaded to the repository now, so you will get them as a regular update.

The present status of translation can be followed at the Wiki page: wiki/doku.php/locales

Many thanks go to, for the translations:
– AKAS (Arabic)
– Pete B. (German)
– Carlo Troiani (Italian)
– Claudio Cesar de Sá (Brazilian Portuguese)
– Johnny Rosenberg (Swedish)

and to John Wilkins who checks and fixes my pure English.

Don’t stop translating guys and make more, please.
We also need other translations so if you’d like to help us, visit the Wiki page.

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