Sparky 5-dev20171120

sparky 5 encrypt installer

There is a development iso image of Sparky 5-dev20171120 MinimalGUI ready for testing. The Sparky 5 live system is based on Debian testing “Buster”. All packages have been updated as of November 20, 2017. The most important change is about disk encryption. The Calamares installer has full disk encryption option enabled to be used during … Read more

Sparky 4.6-RC STB

There is a development release of Sparky 4.6 RC STB ready for testing. It’s a final test before releasing the stable version of 4.6 STB. Sparky 4.6-RC STB is based on Debian (still) testing “Stretch” and pre-configured to use upcoming Debian stable Stretch base. Highlights: • upcoming Debian stable Stretch ready • Calamares installer with … Read more

Sparky 4.6-dev20170307

  New development iso images of Sparky 4.6-dev20170307 MinimalGUI are ready for testing. Changelog: – all packages updated from Debian (frozen, but still testing) Stretch repositories as of March 07, 2017; – Calamares 3.1; – fixed installation on UEFI machines issue; it installs the efi-grub debs offline (no internet connection needed), in the same way … Read more