Sparky news 2018/08

Last Updated on: 31st August 2018, 06:37 pm

The 8th monthly report of the 2018 of Sparky project:

• new additions: ONLYOffice, Caprine, Discord
• EFL updated up to 1.21.0 & Enlightenment to 0.22.4 (testing repos)
• fixed installation of a few desktops via APTus on testing (make sure that changes in Debian testing repos can make problems sometimes, so report whatever you find)
• Sparky Linux kernels updated up to version 4.18.5 & 4.19-rc1
• improved removing desktops via APTus, many thanks go to lami07
• Jade desktop updated up to 0.6.6
• Added Jade desktop installation to APTus
• lami07 keep improving i3 configuration which will be used as default by Sparky, when ready.

New iso images of Sparky 5.5 should be ready in the middle of September, but the point is to ship them with Linux kernel 4.18 as default.


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