Sparky news 2017/03/29

Last Updated on: 5th September 2021, 11:56 am

The time goes fast and the next month almost gone…

So, what changed?
– the latest development iso image 4.6-dev20170307 was shipped with Calamares 3.1, with support of installation on 32 and 64 bit BIOS/UEFI machines
– some Sparky packages have been updated to version 4~YYYYMMDD and landed in Sparky’s “stable” repository, to be ready for upcoming new Debian stable “Stretch”
– there is a short post ready, which lets you turn your existing Sparky installation based on Debian testing “Stretch” into based on upcoming Debian stable “Stretch”: switch-sparky-testing-to-stable (if you really want)
– Anuj Agarwal has promoted Sparky blog as a one of the Top 60 Linux Blogs on the planet ­čÖé
– “barti” – our new community member created a set of Sparky wallpapers, check our forums:
– just found a new Italian Wikipedia page of Sparky, which is available alongside to English, Polish and Norwegian
– keep updating the latest Linux kernels of the 4.10 series – the present one is 4.10.6

Preparations for Sparky 4.6 based on upcoming Debian stable “Stretch” almost done, so it’s time for a long walk, cup of coffee or so ­čÖé

1 thought on “Sparky news 2017/03/29”

  1. Curious why users would want to migrate to Stable. Sparky is the one and only distro based on Testing (other than AVLinux); if you were interested in a distro based on Stable, you could use LMDE, SolydXK, MX-16, etc.

    Is this just the timing of the Debian development cycle?


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