Sparky news 2017/01/30

Last Updated on: 5th September 2021, 11:57 am

The first month of the 2017 almost gone, so what did happen?

The most important changes are:
– the latest update of ‘policykit-1-gnome’ package reverts patch to the old one, so need to fix it manually
– to avoid the above problem in the future and keep control via the update channel, I created a small tool, called ‘sparky-polkit’
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.9.6
– added new tool to repos: ‘teamspeak-installer’ which lets you download and install the TeamSpeak client for Linux
– added new tool to repos: ‘qmplay2’ – nice audio & video player
– added new tool to repos: ‘redobackup’ – which is included in the Sparky’s Rescue edition now
– updated the Rescue Edition up to version 4.5.3
– built the ‘calamares’ installer 3.0.1 package – it’s during testing now.

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