Sparky news 2016/11/29

Last Updated on: 29th March 2022, 04:32 pm

Some changes already came to Sparky so its time to let you know about them.

1. All Sparky pages (blog, forums, wiki) are encrypted so they are available via the https protocol now. It does not make changes in Sparky repos.

2. New, updated Sparky iso images 4.5 should be ready on the end of this week.

3. The latest build of Calamares which can be tested via Sparky 4.5-dev iso, will not be used in the upcoming 4.5 media. They still be using the ‘live-installer’.

4. The Pantheon desktop’s repos is not available any more (for Debian testing) so will be removed from APTus and MinimalISO images. There is an unofficial repos for Debian stable available somewhere, so if you need it, it’s not hard to find it.

5. SlimJet web browser landed in our repos, and I debianized Palemoon web browser which is available in our repos too.

6. The live system of the new iso images still does not work well inside VirtualBox, but works fine inside VMware Workstation, in BIOS and EFI mode.

7. There is a new service Sparky WebDir available for all of you, if you would like to promote your business or private web page, blog, etc. and support Sparky project too. We welcome free entries to the WebDir, but paid ones can help us to keep Sparky alive.

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