Sparky news 11/2013

Last Updated on: 20th September 2023, 03:56 pm

Next month came and brought some news of Sparky project.

MoroS was fighting with Sparky Installer on his machine with EFI motherboard.

Agust made a package called ‘e-module-engage’ for Enlightenment desktop and created new e17 theme for Sparky called ‘A-Cielo-Azul-Sparky’.


It can be downloaded from or

Sparky-Center-LXDE and Sparky-Center-Openbox have been rebuilt and upgraded.
Some former parts of Sparky-Center have been packaged separately and can bee installed on different desktops than LXDE or Openbox with no Sparky-Center:
– sparky-autostart – lets you manage custom boot services which will be started with the system
– sparky-bootset – lets you manage system’s boot services
– sparky-conkeyset – allows you to change the console keyboard settings
– sparky-conky – lets you launch or stop Conky and edit its configuration file, it provides Sparky config file as well
– sparky-fontset – lets you to set the system-wide font settings
– sparky-keyboard – lets you configure keyboard leyout
– sparky-locales – lets you change the system language
– sparky-passwdchange – lets you change the system’ users passwords
– sparky-timedateset – lets you change time and date
– sparky-tuxcmd – meta packge will install Tux Commander application and provides tuxcmd menu entry as root
– sparky-users – lets you manage users, groups and passwords (sparky-passwdchange) of the system
– sparky-xdf – shows status of the disk usage, it’s a GUI front-end for ‘df’ command

Upgrade the system with the command:
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
Upgrading can make some problems, to fix it run:
apt-get install -f
Check is anything left for upgrading again:
apt-get dist-upgrade
Then clean the system:
apt-get autoremove

The default theme Sparky3 has been updated up to version 0.1.1 fixing some bugs of the previous version.


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