Sparky 5.5.1 Rescue

Last Updated on: 5th October 2018, 11:18 pm

The live media of Sparky Rescue Edition is updated up to 5.5.1 which provides minor bugs fixing.

– system updated from Debian testing repos as of October 05, 2018
– fixed menu entry of DDRescue-GUI and Gparted
– added new tools: vim, chntpw, sparky-aptus
– reconfigured sparky-remsu tool: changed name of sparky-xterm-exec to sparky-remsu-exec, so it had to be changed in obmenu-generator too. The old name could confuse users so the new one is much proper. The sparky-remsu-exec tool lets run non-sparky tools with root privileges.

The new iso images can be download from the download/rolling page.


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