Sparky 4.9.2 & 5.6.2

Sparky iso images of both lines stable and rolling have been updated and rebuild again.

This is a minor but important update which provides fixed chown and chmod of /etc/shadow which makes some problems after installing Sparky on a hard drive; the wrong settings been made via sparkybackup tool during a new iso building process so it happens on both stable and rolling iso images.

No system reinstallation is required, to set it right simply run:
sudo chown root:shadow /etc/shadow
sudo chmod 640 /etc/shadow

The second issue is targeted to Sparky iso images of the rolling line only: slow starting of most desktops; installation of ‘haveged’ package should fix that problem.

Also, the Linux kernel 4.20.0 has been rebuild with a few (missing before) modules enabled.

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