Payment day coming again

Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 10:28 pm

The time goes very, very fast and the last year gone just with the wind. SparkyLinux is still online, and will be as long as possible.

I am pretty sure you know that SparkyLinux is a non-profit project so don’t earn money.
But bills have to be paid for hosting server (vps), domains, the power (electricity), broadband (internet connection), etc. from our personal, home budget.

It’s time to pay for our server again – we need to pay 1200 PLN (320 US Dollars about) until 9th of Nov 2015.

We also asked for donations our Polish users already at Our virtual server hosts a few web pages, all around Linux or so:, and

So please donate to keep Sparky alive.
Any donation will be very helpful.
Visit the donation page to find out how to send money.
Aneta & Paweł


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