MATE 1.6 -> 1.8

Last Updated on: 20th September 2023, 03:38 pm

Out of date!

The latest Sparky MATE edition has been shipped with MATE 1.6.
If you’d like to upgrade it up to the newest version, simply follow a few steps.

Edit the repository list (as root):
nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Change the line below from:
deb jessie main
deb jessie main
Refresh the package list and upgrade all packages:
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

In a case of verification question:
Install packages without verification? y/N
answer: ‘y’ (yes).

If you have any problem with upgrading, run:
apt-get install -f
It will install ‘systemd’ as default, so install one extra package:
apt-get install systemd-sysv
When you finish all operations restart your machine:
That’s all.
Your Sparky installation will be working on ‘systemd’ and MATE 1.8 from now.

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