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Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 11:51 pm

There is a new desktop available for Sparkers: Jade Desktop.

The Jade Desktop developer is Vitor Lopes and the source code is available at GitHub: github.com/codesardine/Jadesktop

JADE is a Linux desktop built with html5, css, javascript and python…
…Is a serveless Linux Desktop Environment, built with Python and web technologies on top of Webkit2 using the Gtk toolkit, the front end is built using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. JADE is under the GPLv2 license, background images are under Creative Commons Zero license…
…JADE is a modern DE. Jade does not try to hide things away from the user, and reduces nested clicking for a modern workflow. Jade is not meant to be a full blown DE, and is meant to be complemented by 3rd party applications.

The Jade desktop uses the Jade Application Kit:

JAK is built in Python GTK3 toolkit and Webkit2 Browser engine. It is dependent on Python Gobject introspection module and Webkit2Gtk…
…Create native web wrappers or write hybrid Web and Desktop applications on Linux using a webview, including but not limited to DOCKS, Widgets, or any other sort of apps.

Installation option 1:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install jadesktop

Then run it from menu-> Accessories-> Jade Desktop

Installation option 2:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-desktop-jade

The Sparky meta package provides additional tools to be installed and a startup script which starts a few services. The desktop can be launched from your login/session manager, choosing the “Jade Desktop”.

The desktop is still under development, means it is not a stable release yet.

It should work itself, but it doesn’t start without a “normal” window manager. Installing it on the top of any desktop or window manager lets you run it from a menu.

Installing it via the Sparky meta package provides the Blackbox window manager, which starts just one second before Jade Desktop starts.

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