APTus 0.3.0

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 07:06 pm

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.3.0 available in our repository now.

The new version provides:

1. A new tab called “Desktop” which lets you install 18 desktops with as small number of additional tools as possible, and with Sparky “look & feel”. It is the same list of desktops as provided by Sparky Advanced Installer shipped on MinimalISO images. All the desktops are installing with pre-configured settings, users privileges, wallpaper, icon set, etc.

Make sure that:
– it will remove existing desktop settings and replace them with the Sparky’s ones, if installing a desktop you already have installed before.
– it will remove some small settings your installed different desktops than you will install via the APTus, such as: wallpaper, icon set, theme, file manager bookmarks, etc.
– Enlightenment installation removes Network Manager and replaces it with EConnMan.

2. Small changes and fixes found in older version.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

Remember to update the package list before installing any desktop or application.

There is a screenshot page of all the desktop available to install via Sparky Advanced Installer and/or APTus: 4-3-minimaliso-screenshots

If you find any problem or have suggestions, simply post them at our forums, please.

Sparky translators – please translate new tool, the English file is on our Wiki as normal.

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