Users and groups

Last Updated on: 5th September 2021, 10:50 am

After hard drive installation SparkyLinux has one user account created and root account as well. This quick tutorial will help you how to make changes with them.

1. To change your password type:
Type your existing password and type two times your new password.

2. To add new user:
adduser new-user-name

3. To delete a user:
userdel user-name

4. To delate a user with its home folder and all files:
userdel -r user-name

5. To check your ID:
id user-name

6. To add a user to a group:
adduser user-name group-name

7. To check what groups you belongs:

8. To add a new group:
groupadd group-name

9. To delete a group:
groupdel group-name

10. To change root (admin) password:
Type existing root password and
Then type twice new UNIX (root) password.

1 thought on “Users and groups”

  1. Hi. For many years I have been using MXLinux which I have more than pleased with.
    I have now triple booted with Win 8.1, MXLinux and Sparky.
    I must say that Sparky is a tads faster than MX with more software to
    offer in APTus. It has also been easier to install TOR and Popcorn without having to go into the CLI and getting problems with the extraction process.
    Well done to all concerned as Sparky will be my main operating system on my 2 laptops from now on.
    Kind regards.



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