24th Grand Finale of GOCC



In January 10, 2016 is next, the 24th Grand Finale of GOCC!
Target: Buying medical equipment for pediatric wards and providing decent medical care for seniors.

From Wikipedia:

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC, Polish Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP) is one of the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organizations in Poland. The GOCC Foundation has American Heart Association Certification for providing courses in CPR and ECC, and use of high technology for medical lifesaving.

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We would like to support WOŚP this year as we could so we made the Special “WOŚP” SparkyLinux 4.2 KDE 64 bit DVD box edition.
The system is free of non-free packages and features the same set of applications as the regular KDE Edition.

Here is a direct link to the English page of our auction you can join, buy the Sparky DVD and support the GOCC:
All the money will go to GOCC.

SparkyLinux DVD WOŚP

Source of the “Serce_wosp.png” file: Wikipedia


Thank you for your support


Donate I just would like to say Big Thank All of You, for supporting SparkyLinux.

We have collected all the money for the server as we needed.

It was possible to make, all together with You and the users.
So the next year is save, we can work as hard as usually.

This time the main job is about translating all (most) Sparky tool I started a week or so before. What I can do, I translate them to Polish only, and I make the English files which could be translate to Yours languages if You will help with that!

Anyway, thank’s again and don’t forget that You can donate Sparky any time You’d like, all the year 🙂

Aneta & Paweł