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SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test3 is out

  New testing iso image of SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test3 Base Edition is out. This is the third and probably the last testing iso image before the final version of Sparky 3.4 will be published in...


Sparky 3.3.2-test2

  The second testing iso image of SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test2 Base Edition is out. The last week brought some solutions for bugs which have been found in the previous release of 3.3.2-test1. We have found...


SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test1 Base

  The first testing iso image of SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test1 Base Edition is ready to go. The release features the system installer with EFI support for 64 bit machines. As I said before, I can’t...