SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test1 Base

Last Updated on: 18th November 2016, 08:28 pm


The first testing iso image of SparkyLinux 3.3.2-test1 Base Edition is ready to go.

The release features the system installer with EFI support for 64 bit machines.
As I said before, I can’t test it on a physical machine with EFI, because I don’t have any.

I have tested it on VirtualBox with EFI mode enabled, but it doesn’t work for me well.
It’s not a problem with Sparky only, I can’t run properly any Linux distribution on VBox in EFI mode after installation on it.

Please, test Sparky Live and install it on your machines with EFI motherboard.
Report your installation results and suggestions on our forums.

The testing iso image is placed in ‘dev’ section on our download page.


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