Sparky SU 0.1.11

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 02:16 pm

The Sparky SU provides small and simply, Yad based front-end for su (spsu) allowing users to give a password and run graphical commands as root without needing to invoke su in a terminal emulator.

But running applications as root is deprecated, so…

Even the ‘spsu’ script is still available, there is also a new, small, simply and Yad based front-end to sudo called ‘spsudo’. It lets you run an application using your password, instead of root’s. It can be used in desktop launchers for example.

The tool checks does the password field is empty, and return to the main window if so, but it does not check is the password correct, it just quit if is not.


sudo apt install sparky-su

Usage of ‘spsudo’ :

spsudo command


sparky-sudo command

Usage of ‘spsu’ (if you really need) :

spsu command


sparky-su command

See also the Wiki page:

Edit: ‘sparky-su’ 0.1.12 provides an option which verify used password via the ‘sparky-pass-check’ tool.

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