Sparky news 2018/02

Last Updated on: 1st March 2018, 02:22 pm

This is the second monthly report of 2018:

• added new packages to repos: Min web browser, Debian kernel installer (a part of APTus), Sparky CA, RSS Guard
• sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.15.7
• built and installed the Graphene Desktop; it is not compatible with Sparky4/Debian Stretch, but is compatible with Sparky 5/Debian Buster/Sid; even I built and installed it, it doesn’t work for me, so not uploaded to repos; mayby a next build
• aptus locale installer: added installation of: kde task, gnome task, aspell and myspell dictionaries
• calamares 3.1.12 has been rebuilt to be working with libkpmcore7 (sparky 5 only)

New 5.3 live/install iso images are planned in March, so if everything goes well, they should be out in the weekend of 10-11.

As I posted before about donations we really need, I start publishing donation reports to make it transparent for all of you. Let me know if I miss somebody or made a mistake (hope not).


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