Sparky news 2017/12/30

This is the last SparkyLinux monthly report of the 2017.

• Sparky 4.7 armhf for RaspberryPi has been released
• Sparky 5.2 with full disk encryption via Calamares has been released
• the latest Linux kernel updated up to version 4.14.10
• added new tools to sparky repso: Motionbox, WoeUSB
• Desktop Installer has been reorganized – desktops have been divided depens of repo source
• APTus’s kernel remover tool has been rewriten so it uses Yad instead of Zenity now
• dde repository has been removed from sparky’s configuration; it is still on the server, but I don’t keep updating it anymore, so don’t use it; it should be removed soon.

Sparky 5.2 Special editions should be updated and new iso images will be released soon.

Happy New 2018 Year to all of You!



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