Sparky named repos

New Sparky named repositories have been created, alongside to the present ones:
• oldstable-> tyche
• stable-> nibiru
• testing-> potolo

What is it for?
Developing and providing packages to Sparky based on Debian testing only was quite easy, it was just one branch, developed as a rolling release. No changes in repos required then.

Everything changed after releasing Sparky on Debian stable and keeping the oldstable line as well.

Every big upgrade, means from testing to a new stable, and stable to a new oldstable required manual changes in the repo lists.

To avoid that, the named repos will let you smoothly upgrade your Sparky installation without any manual change. It will be done via a regular upgrade using the package manager/upgrade tool only.


What to do now?
No need to change Sparky repos manually, simply make system upgrade as you do.

• sparky4-apt on Sparky 4 Tyche
• sparky5-apt on Sparky 5 Nibiru
• sparky6-apt on Sparky rolling (upcoming 6 Po Tolo)
install the new Sparky repo automatically.

Let me know at our forums, if you find any problem with that.
Wiki pages of Sparky repos have been already updated.

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