Sparky Backlight

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 09:06 pm

There is a new, small tool available in our repos, called Sparky Backlight.

Sparky Backlight lets you change the desktop brightness via the panel’s tray icon. It’s targeted to Sparky desktops such as JWM, Openbox, LXDE and LXQt? with no default tool like that. It is also targeted to laptops users.
It can not working on any machine/system.

Sparky Backlight uses Xbacklight which uses RandR extension.
Get more info about Xbacklight via commands:
xbacklight --help
man xbacklight

apt-get update
apt-get install sparky-backlight

Then reboot your machine.

Sparky JWM spin users have to add the command:
/usr/bin/sparky-backlight /opt/tray3/sparky-backlight
to the file:
There is a startup section on the end of the file.
Then re-login.

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